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DeHond Cycle and Auto was established in 1999 as owner, Mark DeHond, was looking for a way to take his 20+ years of experience in various aspects of the auto and motorcycle industry along with his dedication to providing quality service and repair options to area customers. Mark wanted to create a business where automobile and motorcycle owners could get the professional and trusted dealer services and parts they wanted, but have a personal connection with the person who does the necessary repairs and servicing so they can always trust in the work that is being performed.

Far too many automobile and motorcycle repair service shops treat customers as a number to be handled next, not as individual people whose safety and security is riding on the very work that is needed or performed. At DeHond Cycle and Auto, we know any service or repair work carries a heavy burden of responsibility and that our customers are more than just random people, they are our friends and neighbors. As a local and small scale repair and service shop, we get to know each of our customers and establish a relationship built on trust and we also get to know your vehicles. This allows us to spot smaller issues or problems before they become big ones. By relying on a mechanic you know and who knows the ins and outs of your particular vehicle, you can be sure of the workmanship and we can be sure you are getting the full service you need and deserve to help lengthen the life of your vehicle and ensure it is a safe ride every time you hit the road.

DeHond Cycle and Auto uses genuine manufacturer parts designed to ensure your vehicle is performing at maximum potential and efficiency. We guarantee any work we do and honor after market dealer warranties also. It is the individual attention we are able to provide combined with expert service and top of the line parts we use that really sets us apart.

The technicians and mechanics at DeHond Cycle and Auto hold each other to the highest standards of workmanship so you can feel confident in the work performed or the repair made. The DeHond name may be on the sign and on the line; but it is through the safety and satisfaction of our customers that we measure our success.

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