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Are You Missing Your Motorcycle?

Remember the feel of the wind hitting you as you embrace the freedom of the open road? This is all just a piece of what you might miss the most when you have to park your bike for winter.

Riding isn’t just a mode of transportation. It is a feeling, a sense of freedom and escape no car can match. It is a satisfaction of that urge to just go and hit the road with no limits and without the confines you feel in every other aspect of life. It is in every essence a lifestyle, and one you most likely share with other people who matter in your life. Riding may be the best way you let off steam and socialize with others who ride. You might spend weekend after weekend in the fresh air, going to rallies or shows, or even just getting a view of the mountains and lakes in a way you can’t with a car.

Once you have to put the bike away during the month of January, you have to let part of that go. You not only miss the act of riding out on the open road, but also the people who are part of your bike life. Even though you can still see those who enjoy riding, not being able to ride off together can leave you feeling lost, unsettled, anxious, and itching to get back on the bike as soon as the snow melts. What do you miss the most about riding when you are stuck inside during the winter?

While we can’t make spring come any faster at DeHond Auto and Cycle, we can meet all of your motorcycle repair Rochester needs and your storage needs too. Let us help you tuck that bike in for spring. Let us know what you miss the most about riding and then let us help you make sure that bike is ready to go once the snow melts.

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