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Car Problems Are Extra Painful in the Winter

We all know that feeling of jumping into the car, putting the key in, turning it in a rush, only to hear nothing happen. The stranded and helpless feeling puts everything else in your life on the back burner until you arrange for immediate help. The one thing that makes the entire situation worse is when it happens in the winter.

Winter, especially in the Rochester area, is simply tough on cars. The temperature changes, buildup of ice and snow, and extra demands we put on the engine and tires just to get around all winter long can really take a toll. Having car troubles crop up unexpectedly or finding yourself in need of car repair Rochester services is upsetting and expensive any time of year, but when it happens in the winter and just before the holidays, it can send your wallet, your plans, and your mood into a downward spiral. Car troubles in the winter can also be dangerous. Having your car sputter out and die while stuck in traffic during a snowstorm can actually put you in danger. Every year, people are hit while waiting with a disabled car on and along the roads. If you have tires that needed to be changed last season, the slightest bit of snow or ice can send you slip sliding all over the place. This wouldn’t be all that bad if you were the only car on the roadway trying to get to the mall for last minute holiday shopping. However, you aren’t the only car out there and the slightest car problem on the road in bad weather is more painful than if it happened on a warm sunny day. It also gets darker earlier, meaning you could be stuck walking along dark streets to get help or stranded in a dark parking lot waiting for help.

When your car problems crop up or you need unexpected car repair Rochester services in the winter, the dangers of being stuck on the road are real. But, they are only the tip of the iceberg when you factor in the other inconveniences. Waiting out in the cold and snow can be torture as a tow truck slowly creeps your way. Having to walk to get to a safe spot to call for help can be nearly impossible with snow buildup on the sides of the roads. It can all be avoided with proper maintenance.

To avoid the dangers of winter time car problems and troubles, let DeHond Auto keep your car safe and running smoothly all year long.

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