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Creative Ways to Care for Your Motorcycle During the Winter

People who don’t ride or own a bike just don’t get what’s involved. They may assume that once the weather gets cold and the snow is here to stay, you have to just hang up the key and take the truck to work.

Your bike has to hibernate when the snow and ice fall. It can sit there for months before it is safe to ride on the open road. When you store it for winter, you need to know what to do and what not to do to make sure it is ready to go in the Spring. You should clean out old oil and also invest in a quality fuel stabilizer if it is going to sit. It also goes without saying that you need to cover or store it correctly. Letting ice and snow build up on your bike is a recipe for disaster.

All summer long, you treat your bike like a baby and this winter is the time to tuck her in like one. Inside storage is best but a cover will do if it is made for your make and model. Disconnecting the battery and spark plugs will prevent any engine issues once the cold breaks and that first nice day takes hold.

If you truly want to do right by your bike and make sure its hibernating period is just one of rest and not one of distress, ask about our storage options. At DeHond Cycle and Auto, your bike will be safe, secure, and snug until it is time to let that engine roar again. What unique tips have helped keep your bike in shape over the winter that you think other bike riders can try? If you store your own bike in the winter, do you do any regular “checkups” to make sure it’s in good shape?

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