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Dangers of Riding in the Cold, Snow, or Ice

Knowing when and how to put your bike away for the winter is about more than just chilly temperatures. It is about safety. At DeHond Cycle and Auto, our motorcycle repair Rochester professional staff care as much about your safety as we do your bike.

Riding in the snow and ice means you are open to a lot of slick spots that your bike just isn’t made to handle. By riding in these conditions, you are literally taking steps to increase the likelihood of being in an accident. It is also harder to see in the ice and snow. If you have ridden for any length of time, you already know the fear of wondering if a car even sees you approaching. If you are coming along on a snowy night, chances are they don’t see you at all. Also, once the temperature dips down enough, it gets harder to withstand the cold and maintain your focus. Skidding out on an icy road can lead to more injuries than a normal road. Think about how you actively keep an eye out for potholes and road problems on a good day. If that road is covered with snow or a little bit of ice, you won’t be able to see what you are headed for.

While no one wants to say goodbye to their bike for months at a time and the idea of a nice ride with the snow falling all around sounds enticing, the reality of riding in the snow and ice isn’t enticing. If you want further information about the real hazards of riding in the snow and ice, ask the motorcycle repair Rochester area experts at DeHond Cycle and Auto. If you have had a bad experience trying to ride in the winter, have you thought about sharing a warning with other riders in your life? Was there one incident that definitely taught you that it is just too dangerous to ride in bad weather?

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