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DeHond Auto Will Keep You Safe This Winter

Winter driving simply isn’t fun. The time and energy it takes to keep scraping ice off the windshield and headlights, the shoveling out from the curb or driveway, the frozen fingers and toes as you try to get unstuck when you have backed up too far to turn around. All of it can be a pain. When you also factor in lack of the correct fluids, tires that needed changed long ago, and “iffy” breaks, you could be risking a breakdown, a spin out, crash, and putting the entire holiday at risk.

While you are always buzzing around in a hurry and your mind might be going a mile a minute trying to get done more than is humanly possible, we focus on your safety. At DeHond Auto, we know that no to-do list is more important than you and your family getting to all of those family gatherings safe and sound. We want everyone on the roads to be safe also. This is why our technicians will always treat your car like it is their own. We will keep an eye out for any small problems that could easily turn into big or dangerous problems. We also ensure all of the fluids needed to keep your car operating smoothly and safely in winter weather are where they should be. Checking your tires and brakes are also necessary to make sure you and your car are ready for any unexpected maneuvers. If you need to come to a dead stop on an icy road because someone in front of you has spun out, we want to know you are able to.

Making sure you, your family, and your car are all safe and ready for any kind of winter weather is our holiday gift to you. Call DeHond today and make that appointment so our car repair Rochester experts can take care of you while you spend the season taking care of others.

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