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Keep Your ‘Shield Ready for Action!

Your windshield is literally much like a shield of armor—not that you should plan to go to battle or anything anytime soon. But, you really should think of your windshield as a protective plate that will keep you safe from harm. In the winter, that shield can be more necessary and valuable than you may even realize.

While many are well aware of the issues with the windshield itself (such as cracks or chips thanks to plow trucks kicking up rocks), the tools that help keep your windshield up to par in the winter need some attention too. Your wiper fluid is a vital resource that you simply can’t afford to venture into traffic without. Even if it isn’t a day where the snow is flying, any amount of dirt and slush from the trucks in front of you or alongside the road can be thrown right into your field of vision. You need fluid to keep that field of vision clean. Therefore, take it from the auto service Rochester experts at DeHond Cycle and Auto, it is wise to keep an extra bottle in the trunk.

Your windshield wipers are also more important in the winter compared to the summer too. In the winter, the sheer weight of the snow and ice you want those wipers to carry away can cause damage to them. Even when you clean your car off, if it starts to snow while you are out and about, those wipers are getting a workout. Ask our auto service Rochester experts to evaluate the ones you have and see if newer, heavier duty wipers are in order.

If you are going to ask so much of your shield during the tough and rough winter months, you owe it to your vehicle and your safety to make sure it can take whatever Mother Nature plans to throw its way.

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