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Will Your Car Survive the Winter?

If you are like most other people in the Rochester area, you have probably sat around at some point mumbling, “This winter is going to be the death of me.” If you find it a little rough this year, you may also be wondering if this winter will be the death of your car. Fortunately, there are ways to tell and ways to help make sure your car does live to see another spring.

Think of the battery of your car like its heart. If that battery stops working, stops beating, the rest of the car doesn’t get the power it needs to work. Just like a heart, your battery needs to be free from corrosion and clean. If it has build-up or gunk on it, it won’t work as well. Age also affects its performance. If it is older than 3 years, chances are it may need to be replaced soon. The auto service Rochester experts at DeHond Cycle and Auto can check it out and see what the lifespan may be.

The cooling systems of a car also work like the body’s cooling system. It needs to be working properly to keep the car in shape. If the hoses are cracked and fluids are low, chances are it may stop working altogether. Keep the cooling system in tip top shape so your car can adjust to the temperature and the weather.

Cars are built to last. However, the harsh Rochester winters can take a very real toll on how long they last. At DeHond Cycle and Auto, our auto service Rochester technicians would like to remind you that if you take care of your car in the winter, it will take care of you.

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